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Online Class

This class is for painters in any medium looking for feedback on their work, video demonstrations, technical help and instructional handouts. Beginners are welcome. There will be a theme each month, for example, using color effectively, painting skies, or using value studies. I will post two videos related to the themes, handouts, and sometimes photo references that you may download. Subscribers are invited to email me images of their artwork for constructive feedback, as many as you wish, as long as you are a subscriber. As soon as you subscribe, this information will be available.

When you subscribe you will have access to the entire video and another related video, along with notes about the videos and a supply list today.

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Notes for Post #1 August 18 2020
The transparency and fluid nature of watercolor is especially suitable for making fresh, bright paintings.
To achieve a transparent, fresh look, aim to make each stroke final, that is, not to go over a second time. Another way to say this, is to use as few strokes as possible.
Using a large brush makes it easier to keep the number of strokes to the minimum needed to do the job.
Whenever you paint, keep these basic composition principles in mind: Place the center of interest away from the middle of the paper.
to be continued…

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