The work of a father and daughter who love art

I paint and draw for the pleasure of putting color on paper, and to create paintings that stand out because they fuse realistic images and strong abstract designs. I place dark and light shapes next to each other along with intense color. This grouping creates a design that draws the viewer’s eye. I work in watercolor, pastels, acrylic and charcoal, applying the same design principles in each medium.

My artwork is supported by a grant from the Toledo Lucas County Rescue Plan Grant for Individual Artists.

I am an artist living in Pemberville, Ohio, a small town near Toledo, Ohio. My life as an artist has taken me on a journey that I never new was before me. I have spent years studying the fine arts. In 2002 I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts, from the University of Toledo, with a concentration in ceramics and installation, and in 2004 earned a Masters in Art Education. I often paint watercolors with my dad, but have branched out on my own to create a unique method of painting colorful and meticulous designs on glassware.